Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Long time

Long time no blog le. Now ITP-ing at DP Architects, real damn boring, working hours 9-6.30pm, pay only $440, so low yet hours so long... Everytime they ask me to do is boring things one, so sianz, sometimes didn't have anything to do for the whole day also.

Just checked my results, luckily i got all pass. Vic not so lucky, he failed ads mat and es, have to repeat them...

Recently wanted to start writing songs but everytime i reach home already so tired liao, after watching tv den go sleep liao, no time no time~ SIANZ must really start writing on the weekend, but for the last 2 weekend i'm doing the same things - went kbox on sat, went jaren house play mahjong on sun. Thing this weekend the most i'm going out for one day, the other day gonna stay at home all day and concentrate on writing song.

Recently keep going kbox, so expensive... singing like no improve like that, how? how? how to improve? sianz... must master lee hom's song... my voice sux...

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Sympathy For Lady Vengeance

Won the preview tickets to Lee Young Ae's latest movie from a sms contest in I Weekly. Tml gonna go get the tickets at shaw towers. Going wl house ard noon, den i tink go straight there. Still haven't find anyone to go with me, maybe tml den ask.

Thursday, September 29, 2005


Yesterday went dolly's house play mahjong. Before half time I was losing $4.90, den after half time I managed to win back the $4.90 + another $3.10. Where did my luck go? All the while I never got a good hand...

Recently juz finished my crit, really kena shoot until die die. Gonna change my design... again... for the 4th time... really sianz... Den duno wat is wrong with the lecturers, when I say I am lazy they all were like so shocked. Wat's wrong with tat huh? Den LM even bring me to one side and tell me tat if i dun work harder i am not gonna survive in the society. But how am i gonna work hard when the course i am studying is completely the opposite in wat i believed in? It's the course which I really damn hate. Ever since week 2 of my poly life, I have been hating this course...

Been working on a bot with wl lately. Hope tat the bot will succedd den can sell to others and make money... haha.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Went to the arcade and played daytona today. Finally managed to break my previous record. Now my fastest lap for expert course is 1:38 mins, a difference of 3 secs from my aim - 1:35 mins. The time of 1:35 mins is the fastest time I've seen years ago, so I'm aiming to break that time. Gambatte!

As usual today is another boring 2 hr lecture. Tml going for site visit, friday also going to the NEWater plant. So sianz... I'm gonna skip thursday class... Will I reach the end? Or just give up halfway? I duno...

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Sick and tired!

Really fed up with my course... I'm sick and tired of all these things going on... I dun even understand wat the lecturers are saying... juz really fed up... REALLY REALLY GOING TO GO MAD!!! Everyday is juz like a torture for me...

Been watching Da Chang Jing on SCV recently, really a very good show. The sctress Li Ying Ai also very pretty...

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Can I?

How much more can I take? Will I go through with my course? Sometimes I wish I can just put everything down and just disappear, go to a place without anybody. I can find peace... leave all my burdens behind, escape from this stupid reality world... I hate HUMANS!!! Should I learn piano? But need $, hope my parents allow...

Friday, July 22, 2005

Fed up

Relly fed up with my course. Today had crit. and duno what they want. Just hope tat my poly days can pass by quickly... I EXTREMELY HATE MY COURSE!!! Shdn't have put architecture in my choice...

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Damn Course

Damn the lecturer M.A., flare up today reprimanding us abt our passion of the course. Say wat we show no interest in the course, den even ask us if any of us are really not interested in the course. Who dares to put their hands up? Put up surely die one wat, wat a stupid question. Den even ask us whether we are going to be draughtsmen for the rest of our lives. HELLO? So now u are admitting wat we are studying now is INDEED training us to be draughtsmen? Den might as well go jc den go Uni faster tat way rite? Faster to become architect. Seriously if at tat time any person put up their hand I would also put up... Actually the lecturers are selfish also, keep saying they want to help us blah blah blah, but did they think abt us? Some of us are studying in a course we don't really have interest in but yet they expect us to do well do well.

There is also the head of department, always asking us to wear our lanyard, but wat's the use of wearing it? Stupid superficial!

Just hope poly years can pass by quickly.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Is there such a word? Duno... my own dictionary. Today just realise the evil of humans - deceptive, selfish... I always say going to school is a waste of time, but if I had a choose not to go school, what would I do? Really need to find my future, my future doesn't lies in my course that's for sure.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Wasting Time

I really think that I am wasting time in school. Why am I studying something I am not even interested in? I'm seriously wasting time. The school wants us to attend school, but yet when I'm in lecture, I'm not even paying attention to the lecturer, so what? Wasting my TIME! I want to make full use of time. I'm going to learn more things. Going to practise my piano. Gonna learn my japanese. Gonna start exercising. Gonna stop wasting time.